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The successful first ever organ retrieval surgery at Umrao Hospitals

Umrao hospitals Mira road has once again proved its existence as a keystone of Health care sector in North Mumbai by doing a successful Organ retrieval surgery on a 39 year old brain dead patient. The internationally qualified team of doctors with skilled nursing staff could successfully retrieve her kidneys, liver and cornea.

Mrs.Ashiwini Naik (name changed), 39 years, was being treated for Stroke (cerebrovascular accident) at private hospital in Mira road where her condition deteriorated and she was transferred to Umrao hospitals - the only multispecialty tertiary care hospital. On admission she was not responsive, with CT scan suggestive of massive infarct in right middle cerebral artery with mid line shift which is a life threatening condition. To strive her life doctors at Umrao hospitals decided to operate her however her condition could not improve and she was declared brain dead.

The medical team at Umrao hospitals convenience her relatives for organ donation so that the other valuable lives could be saved. Organ retrieval was started on 2nd July at 5.30 am and both Kidney, liver and cornea were removed as per the zonal transplant coordination center guidelines. This can give new lease of life to at least 3 patients awaiting renal and liver transplant and sight to at least 2 patients awaiting corneal transplant.

Considering the fact that there is a long and ever increasing list of patients waiting for the organs to be transplanted and there is less awareness of organ donation in India as compared to western countries the step taken by Umrao hospitals is considered as a milestone. Such successful surgery was made possible at Umrao hospitals only because of its state-of-art infrastructure and ultra modern operation theatres with laminar air flow system to achieve zero bacterial count and dedicated team of medical experts.

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