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The Sultan Khan Education Trust - Distribution Programme 2014

Free Cataract Surgery.

Mumbai Mirror - Nall Sopara Housewife Gives 5 New Lease of Life.

Umrao Hospital Saves Three Jaans: Umrao sets trends with first cadaver donation.

2013 record for cadaver organ donation equalled

The successful first ever organ retrieval surgery at Umrao Hospitals
Umrao hospitals Mira road has once again proved its existence as a keystone of Health care sector in North Mumbai by doing a successful Organ retrieval surgery on a 39 year old brain dead patient. The internationally qualified team of doctors with skilled nursing staff could successfully retrieve her kidneys, liver and cornea...

Umrao Hospitals cures Swine Flu ,H1N1 Patient with ECMO
31 Years Male Mr.Abhishek Agrawal, admitted in Umrao Hospital on 24th Feb 2014 with chief complaints of Fever, Cough & Dypsnoea. X ray chest showing B/L infiltrates with consolidation signs s/o early ARDS.Initially patient was kept on oxygen by mask which in course of time with worsening of lung condition changed to NIV Bi-Pap support. ARDS worsened with rise in sepsis, patient developed respiratory distress. Patient was Intubated & put on ventilator. With the suspicion of H1N1- swine flu, patient was started on T. Tamiflu from admission. Condition of the patient worsened with development of sepsis. Ionotropic supports for maintenance of BP, Ventilator for respiratory support as well as antibiotics.......

Rare Carotid Artery Angioplasty at Umrao Hospitals
A 69 years old patient,Mr.P.G.Shinde,suffering from Hypertension with Chronic Kidney Disease ( CKD ),Nephrosclerosis,was brought to Umrao Hospitals with accelerated blood pressure and was admitted under Dr.Pradeep Vyas,Interventional Cardiologist.......

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