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Rare Carotid Artery Angioplasty at Umrao Hospitals

A 69 years old patient,Mr.P.G.Shinde,suffering from Hypertension with Chronic Kidney Disease ( CKD ),Nephrosclerosis,was brought to Umrao Hospitals with accelerated blood pressure and was admitted under Dr.Pradeep Vyas,Interventional Cardiologist. His CAG with peripheral angio was suggestive of 100 % occluded Right Internal Carotid Artery.
On the day of 29th May Mr.P.G.Shinde was admitted at Umrao Hospitals with the accelerated blood pressure of 220 / 110 mm of Hg.His MRA brain showed Right Internal Carotid Artery occlusion at its origin.Left Internal Carotid Artery with focal narrowing close to origin with good distal flow.MRA renal was suggestive of 50 % focal narrowing in Right Renal Artery. With Herculean efforts of Dr.Nitin Dange, the eminent Neurosurgeon performed his DSA ( Digital Subtraction Angiography ) with Carotid stenting / Carotid Angioplasty.Mr.Shinde was discharged within a weeks time and leading a healthy life ahead.

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